Well here it is the day after our first OTHERfolk festival.  It was a resounding success. The volunteers met at Josh’s house beforehand to get instructions on how he thought the evening should be managed.  We gathered up our donation jars, programs, OTHERfolk buttons and some assorted Mudtown stuff that people might be interested in purchasing.  Then we all went our separate ways to start the night.

My venue was the Bean Cellar and the place was rockin’.  We began with a performance from Hours, Now which was followed by Jacob and the Ladder.  The evening was finished off with Kyle Leblanc and Bryndan Boonstra from Ossified.

Throughout the evening folks of all ages could be seen coming in and out of the cafe and they certainly were enjoying themselves.  Each performance filled the venue. Even the staff were having a good time.

As I was also covering the event for myowensound.ca I had to venture out at one point and head on down to the River Cafe.  Sadly I missed the sounds of The Drift but I did get to hear Cody Zevenbergen and Paul Danard play and they were terrific!

Back I went to Jazzmyn’s and on my way there you could see people on the streets having a great time talking about where they should go next.  Music was in the air and you could feel that something special was happening in downtown Owen Sound.

Once at Jazzmyn’s, on the filled to capacity patio Patrick Dorfman was just starting his performance.  Fans were talking and laughing and clearly having a great time.

Then I stopped in at the Chaise Lounge where you could hear the sounds of Platinum Sweat.  “The lid” was packed to capacity and once again everyone was drinking, laughing and the night appeared to be a success.

Next stop, and my last stop was The Rocky Raccoon Cafe.  Brandon Sheppard was putting on a great show and at the end Chris McGruer joined him for an impromptu duet.  Following that the sounds of Johnny Grove and The Bog Pirates brought down the house.  Jake Chegahno and Woe closed the night at this venue.

The music has been played, the donations have been given, the buttons handed out and the programs have been distributed.  Will there be another OTHERfolk?  My guess is YES!  The venues were packed and the crowds were entertained.  The money hasn’t been counted, but this really wasn’t about money.  Of course, the expenses need to be paid and the musicians would like to be compensated.  I’d like to think that those who enjoyed the evening paid something for the luxury if they could afford it.  If they couldn’t that’s okay too.  It will all balance out.  But let’s make OTHERfolk at least an annual event.  It was far too much fun not to!

Thanks to Joshua, his team and his family for all the hard work.  Also thanks to all the musicians and the venues for making this happen.  Lastly, thanks to all the fans who supported OTHERfolk.  It was a success and it can happen “because other folk need a festival too.”


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