On Sept 7, at 7 pm CARGOS (Citizens Against Radioactive Generators in Owen Sound) will be hosting a public meeting at the Owen Sound Legion (North Atlantic Room) 1450 2nd Ave W, Owen Sound, Ontario.   The purpose of this meeting is to update residents of Owen Sound and area on the issue of Bruce Power’s plan to transport 16 nuclear steam generators from the plant near Kincardine to Owen Sound harbour and then onto Sweden for recycling.

Since a lot of the information has been available during the summer when folks have been away or not available, now is the time to get updated.  We will have all of the paperwork that has been issued by the Canadian Safety Nuclear Commission in preparation for the public hearings which will be held on Sept 29th.  In addition the documents that have been issued by Bruce Power will be available to look at.

The info that was distributed at the open houses held by Bruce Power and the Health Unit will be on hand.

We would like to get as many signatures as possible from residents of Owen Sound in order to go to Council on Sept 13th.  At that time we would like to show council that residents are concerned and we want them to reconsider their support of the Bruce Power project.  In order to do that we need those in attendance at the meeting to take petitions with them and work on that after the meeting.

I intend to take the signatures to Ottawa also as I have standing at the Public Hearings at the CNSC.

Please remember a few things.  The word recycling is deceiving.  Bruce Power is not recycling anything but the steel that the nuclear waste is stored in.  ALL of this nuclear material is returning to the area.

This is precedent setting.  There has never been radioactive waste on the Great Lakes and if we allow this to go from the harbour  It will be hard to say no again.  If any problems occur in transit we will be known as the port of entry.

If you look the documents there is a lot of discrepancy about the amount of radiation we are exposed to.  But we do know that the ship will sit in the harbour by the grain elevators emitting continuous radiation until it leaves.

Last evening I enjoyed the Salmon Spectacular events in Owen Sound for the first time.   The city should be proud of this marine heritage.  That needs to be nurtured.   This decision needs to be reconsidered.

If you have any questions about the meeting contact me at sskelly@rogers.com.



6 thoughts on “CARGOS hosts public meeting Sept 7/10 to discuss Bruce Power’s plans. All welcome.

  1. Hi Sharen,
    Re: shipping radioactive steam generators.
    Do you have an on-line petition to sign?
    There are people who would get involved that can’t make it to the meetings.

  2. Hi

    I just want to say that there is no public safety issues with the movement of these generators. The CNSC (Canadian Nuclear Safety Commisions) WOULD NOT let Bruce Power do this if it wasn’t safe to do so!

    1. That is what we expect from the CNSC.

      My main concern, and that of many others is that we have the opportunity to explore this issue further. Decisions of this magnitude should not be made without public consultation in my opinion.

      The Public Hearings in Ottawa, while not the solution will allow for all stakeholders state their concerns.

      I appreciate your comment. Thanks for taking an interest in this.

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