Here is the next saga of the elusive native fishing nets.  According to the Sun Times of September 5, 2010,  Dave Leggatt, President of the Bruce Peninsula Sportsmen’s Association said that “two members saw native fishermen laying nets Friday morning, [sic] now allows they may have been mistaken.”

I think I can follow the story.  A couple of guys saw some nets, or at least what they thought were nets.  They called their stalwart MP Larry Miller and he immediately got on the mission.  He called the Ministry of Natural Resources and the media became involved.  BUT he didn’t do any fact-finding to determine if they were actually First Nations fishing nets!

The way Leggatt describes it , “Sports fishermen in the Owen Sound Salmon Spectacular were at risk of becoming entangled in commercial gill nets.”  We may have content for a scene for “Deadliest Catch” here.

Now we wait.  What the First Nations and constituents want to hear is an apology from all involved.  I have a sense that it’s going to be a series of articles and interviews.  This incident will be referred to as a mistake, an error or an unfortunate misunderstanding.

This matter needs to be settled now.  The folks who made the accusations need to take ownership.  Say your sorry.  It’s not the hardest word….or is it?

It seems this story all started out with that buoy.  And we’ve heard that buoys can be trouble.


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