It appears that Bruce Power is out doing damage control as Ross Lamont made the rounds to Grey County council on October 6, 2010.  He spoke of “plans to continue to hire new 200 to 250 new staff members each year for the foreseeable future.”

This is all very good news for the employees and those looking for employment at Bruce Power.  All of this positive news in the area of human resources is a great thing for the communities where these people will work and live.  Morale will be up in the workplace and loyalty to the employer will be stronger than ever.

Then there is the philanthropy they are so proud of at Bruce Power.  As the largest employer in the area they encourage their employees to give to the United Way every year and ” have done so this year to the tune of $150,000, a figure over and above what the corporation contributes to the charity.” Bruce Power also has an annual sponsorship budget of $1.36 million.

It is great for charities in the area who depend on these donor dollars such as Habitat for Humanity and the Red Cross.  It is wonderful for the corporation in Grey Bruce at a time when their image is in need of a makeover.  They just completed 2 days of Public Hearings and are unsure what the outcome will be.  This will definitely help ensure that public opinion remains in favour of Bruce Power.

And herein lies the problem.  I spent 2 days in Ottawa listening to interveners make oral submissions at the Public Hearings at the CNSC while Bruce Power reps, CNSC reps and the Studsvick rep withheld information, refused to answer questions, submitted inaccurate information intentionally and the list goes on.

It may be a while before the CNSC makes its’ decision about the transport licence for Bruce Power.  Until then it appears that Bruce Power is in high level damage control. I have approached all of the media outlets to give my account of the Public Hearings but none other than Rogers Cable TV  are interested.  So I’ll write a letter to the editor and hope it is printed.

But there is a simple solution to all of this.  Be an authentic good corporate citizen. Take care of the environment and the health of your citizens.  Tell them the truth about what you are doing and why you are doing it.

Don’t spread money around. It distracts from the real issues and then folks don’t realize that they are at risk. That is irresponsible and reckless.

Here’s the article


7 thoughts on “Bruce Power does damage control.

  1. It’s pretty easy to give $1.36 million when you’ve been paid $60 million to NOT produce power. Bruce operates on corporate welfare and uses large portions of that welfare to lobby various levels of government for even more corporate welfare and to donate money back to the same taxpayers from whom they extracted it.

    Now, they’ve got their own man nominated for the Conservatives. Every foot in the door helps.

    As for the suggestion that Bruce simply become a good corporate citizen, that is not in the realm of possibility. By its very nature, the nuclear industry is anti-citizen. By leaving behind radioactive waste that will cause trouble for countless generations to come, the short-sightedness of nuclear energy’s “use now, let your great-great-grandchildren pay later” attitude can never be compatible with good corporate citizenship. No amount of money donated to the local service clubs will cover the future clean-up costs.

    1. You are so right JB. Bruce Power is philanthropic for a very good reason. It is times like this that it pays off and pays off well. Now they have a political puppet on the way to Queen’s Park. But that won’t make much of a difference. Our MPP now didn’t do much for us, now it’s just they have a direct line.

    1. The reports coming out of Bruce Power are fast and furious…one daily now. Hawthorne of course is blaming the anti nuclear groups for his problems and putting out “misinformation”. I don’t think that such groups have that much influence. I prefer to think that the facts speak for themselves. If anyone put out “misinformation” which is just Hawthorne’s sanitized version of the word “lies” it was Bruce Power.

      We’ll wait and see, because as we all know things can change in a moment AND the chair of the CNSC, Michael Binder was obviously not impressed with many of the interveners. Hopefully democracy will prevail, but is that something that really happens or is just seen in movies?

      Great discussions with you JB.


  2. Thanks, Sharen. When we were fighting against Bruce’s proposal to build a new nuke plant here in Nanticoke, a couple of websites were developed. You may find the information useful. and There are a couple of power point presentations on the first site and a link to a good video on uranium mining/refining (one of the dirty “little” secrets in nuclear energy production.) See:

    In Nanticoke (and Darlington, too) it wasn’t us anti-nuke activists that ultimately put the kibosh on the nuke plants. It was the industry’s inability to tell the truth with regard to costs. In Nanticoke on Oct 31, 2008, Bruce stated that the proposed project would cost $7 Bn. By March 2009, the estimate had gone up to “$10 to $15 billion”. In the meantime, an identical plant was quoted for Darlington at $26.6 billion. Every project currently underway by Bruce and AECL is considerably behind schedule and over-budget.

    In short, they simply have no credibility.

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