This week the Bruce Grey Owen Sound Provincial Conservatives chose a replacement for retiring Bill Murdoch.  Now that is a hard act to follow.  I’m not a Conservative ideologically, but I am a fan of the man.  Bill is a true statesman. He answers phone calls, emails or letters promptly or at least has his staff do so.  And Murdoch is a gentleman.  He has good old-fashioned manners and family values which are sorely lacking today.

But most of all, Bill Murdoch is dedicated to his constituents.  He was at Queen’s Park to do the job he was elected to do.  I may not agree with his party’s platform, but there were times that Murdoch didn’t either and he has been referred to as a “rogue politician.”  That is why he can never be replaced.  He is unique in so many ways and a politician of his integrity and transparency is rare these days.

Bill Walker won the race.  I don’t know where to start with my list of “what is wrong with this picture?”  First I should ask why he doesn’t live in the riding he represents? He says it is because of his spouses’ employment and no one has challenged that. We’ll see if that changes.

According to a Sun Times article from October 8, 2010, “Walker said he and his supporters sold 722 memberships…during the race that saw riding association numbers jump from a couple of hundred paid-up members to more than 1,500.” Perhaps it’s just the cynic in me, but that’s a lot of Walker support AND money.

Then there is the matter of his politics in general.  Walker’s known to have been a previous Liberal supporter and now a Conservative party member.  We can change our political stripes.  However, when it’s common knowledge that this area is a sure Conservative bet, why not change?

Combine Walker’s new political allegiance with all his new Conservative “friends”  he convinced to buy party memberships.  That may guarantee Walker a seat at Queen’s Park.

Don’t forget that Walker works for Bruce Power.  Read the transcripts of the Public Hearings for Bruce Power’s application for a license to transport the steam generators and you will have the concerns I have right now.  Bill Murdoch hasn’t gotten involved in the steam generator issue, I believe, because he just doesn’t understand the significance of it.  Larry Miller ignored us as our MP, for reasons I don’t understand. What will Bill Walker do to in this case?  Can he be objective when it comes to matters regarding Bruce Power?  Or will Bruce Power now have a direct line to Queen’s Park?  I’m betting on the second scenario.

If that is the case Bruce Power’s elite must be ecstatic right now.  Just think of the money that may be coming their way from Toronto.  And they may not even have to lobby for it.  Time will tell, but I believe that the corporate giant with such a generous heart will be well paid for its’ generosity.

Until then, I’ll just get ready for the Rogers tv call in show on Tuesday October 12, 2010 at 9:00 pm.  For 2 hours a group of us will debate the issue of nuclear steam generators.  I’m up for a segment with Bruce Power.  Should be a great discussion.

And by the way…he transcripts from the CNSC hearings are ready for all to read.  Just go to the CNSC site and look for the CNSC Hearing Documents Sept 28, Sept 29/10.


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