I hope that Mr. Hawthorne doesn’t mind me writing about him.  After all he is the one that keeps himself in the headlines.  I haven’t read so much about Bruce Power since this whole steam generator issue came to light.  At first they didn’t want to talk about it and now all they want to do is talk about it.  I wonder why?

Local media coverage about Bruce Power is all from Bruce Power’s point of view EXCEPT for a story early last week.  Apparently the Anishinabek Nation is enforcing its’ treaty rights over the Great Lakes.  So the Saugeen Ojibway Nation, the Mohawks of Kahnawake and the Anishanabek Nations obviously are forces to reckon with.

Add to that the environmental assessment that Bruce Power should have done in the first place and it appears that Duncan Hawthorne is getting frustrated.  He is quoted in a recent interview as saying “if for some reason a full E.A was required the plan to ship decommissioned steam generators to Sweden for recycling [it] would probably be scrapped, because of cost.”  I never thought I’d hear him admit this.

Then there is the name calling.  Hawthorne does not like environmentalists and it was obvious in Ottawa.  We were referred to as special interest groups who wanted to “shut down the nuclear industry.”  I wasn’t aware that I wanted to do that.  In the same interview I referred to above, he said that “he was disappointed that some of the usual suspects who oppose anything nuclear, seemed to have such an influence on reasonable people.”

If you look at the list of folks who made submissions to the CNSC, it is hardly a list of people who “oppose anything nuclear.”  It was a diverse list of individuals and groups who had wide-ranging concerns.  Mr. Hawthorne does not like opposition.  And the Public Hearings brought to light …’choke’… misinformation that Bruce Power had been giving to the public.  Had these hearings not had been forced upon the corporation, none of this would have been revealed.  As it is, regardless of the outcome of the hearings, we do have the facts now.

So now we wait for the ruling from the CNSC.  A lot can happen between now and then.  I’m anxious to debate a rep from Bruce Power tomorrow.  I wonder who it will be?


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