I’m thinking about all the things I wish I’d done differently on the show last week. I had my first opportunity to watch a taping of the show last evening.  But here is my perception of how the 2 hour live taping of “Dave Carr Live” on Rogers Cable tv went.

The steam generator issue needed to be debated locally and for the first time a media outlet had given stakeholders the forum to do so.  Invited guests were Murray Elston, Vice President of Bruce Power, Dr. Hazel Lynn, Medical Officer of Health, Alan Barfoot, Grey County Chair of Transportation, Mayor Ellen Anderson of the Town of Blue Mountains and myself as spokesperson of CARGOS.

I sat in the Red Green room and watched the show with Alan Barfoot.  He is a nice man with some good sensible ideas.  I enjoyed my time with him.  Then entered Dr. Hazel Lynn.  She is everything that Mr. Barfoot isn’t.  She doesn’t like to listen to opposition and I couldn’t wait to go on air just to get away from her.

First up was Murray Elston.  He had a video of the steam generators being loaded onto a truck being readied for transport.  That was followed by video propaganda produced by Bruce Power  during the CNSC hearings, cut and edited for your viewing pleasure.  Of course it made the steam generators look like they were something you wanted to park in the harbour and it made Bruce Power look like a recycling corporation doing this project  for the betterment of mankind.

Emma Lui of the Council of Canadians called in with a few comments.  Dave Carr asked her about a recent survey in which over 70% of people were in favour of the project.  She asked how big the sample group was that was surveyed and Dave admitted it was not a scientific survey.  I’d have to add that I am not at all surprised and have always said that this is a Bruce Power area.  Folks support Bruce Power even if they don’t have the facts they need to make an informed decision.

Mayor Ellen Anderson called in on the phone.  She tried to make her point but Elston twisted her words and kept saying that this was not a precedent setting project.  He maintained that nuclear substances were shipped on the Great Lakes all the time.  He also said that if  the ship sank and all of the cargo was compromised that no harm would come to any drinking water.  Apparently all communities were privy to security plans and the call ended.

I was up next.  I tried to make my points but Mr. Elston interrupted frequently.  At one point Dave Carr said we were “nit-picking”.  However the point I was trying to make was that the welds were not as secure as Bruce Power was making it seem they were…not having been checked since welded shut in 2007.  That is a significant issue.

When we talked about Studsvick Elston took my words and started twisting them to sound like nonsense.  We were discussing the very important issue about recycling radioactive steel and Dave Carr made a comment about his watch being radioactive and I had to point out that he was “minimizing the issue.”

I didn’t stay at the station to hear the transportation and health portion of the show, assuming it would just frustrate me.

I left feeling the same as I always do, grateful for the opportunity to speak to the issue, but frustrated that Bruce Power continues to manipulate the public.  As a result many are confident  with Bruce Power’s false assurances and do not clearly understand the important issues at hand or just don’t want to listen.  Yet people who live out of our area are listening and are concerned.

We will soon hear the decision from the CNSC.   Many individuals and organizations are waiting for that day and I wonder what the reactions will be.


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