I submitted this to the Owen Sound Sun Times the week of December 6th/2010 but it’s still not published.

“Educate Yourself…The right thing to do.

I am spokesperson for CARGOS (Citizens Against Radioactive Generators in Owen Sound) and a member of the Green Energy/Nuclear Free Task Force.

We assumed that an area that focuses on natural beauty and generates tourism dollars from this, would understand that Bruce Power’s proposal to ship 16 nuclear steam generators could put all of that in jeopardy.  Many are either not well informed or believe that Bruce Power and government will manage the transport of these generators, with the citizens’ best interests in mind.

A comprehensive Environmental Assessment is required before this project is considered.  All we have are plans based on assumptions.  Accident scenarios and impact on the environment needs testing.  An EA is the only way to prudently proceed.  Bruce Power refuses to do this.

I was an intervener at the Public Hearings at the CNSC.  I spent time with members of the Task Force.  It was obvious that the relationship between CNSC staff  and the corporation is too close for staff to be objective (in my opinion).  I compare it to taking your driver’s test with your dad as the examiner.  It’s kind of hard for him NOT to pass you.

There has been conflicting information about the amount of radiation inside and outside the generators. Simply because CNSC staff present information doesn’t mean that it is right.  There are educated individuals who do not have a close relationship with Bruce Power who have differing opinions and different does not always mean wrong.  But according to John Peevers it means wrong and it also means that it is “fear mongering.”

In a recent editorial, according to Mr. Den Tandt I belong to a membership of “zealots.”   Actually I’m a retired nurse who has been an environmental “watchdog” in Grey Bruce since 2000.   I know a bad idea when I see  it., AND this is a bad idea.   I met Dr. Gordon Edwards and John Bennett and Ziggy and Emma Lui and Janet.  They aren’t zealots.  They are intelligent folks who are passionate about our health, environment and future.

Bruce Power as a  corporation is charitable, but I suspect there is a reason for this.  I’m not minimizing the good works that the employees at Bruce Power do.   Corporate generosity is much different from the charity of the hard workers who donate out of their pay cheques to the United Way or give back to the community in volunteer hours.  That is pure and honest generosity from the citizens of Grey and Bruce.  But if you are the recipient of corporate generosity it’s hard to criticize company decisions.

If Bruce Power ships these generators it is precedent setting.  Accidents happen,  AND if anything does, what will be remembered is that this shipment came from Owen Sound.

We need to ensure that an Environmental Assessment is done.   It is our responsibility because local, provincial and federal governments aren’t doing the right thing and neither is Bruce Power.  Educate yourselves.  Ask questions.  That’s how to do it.”


4 thoughts on “Will this editorial be published?

  1. Thanks for the reply. I think they have been busy dealing with the Windmill issue in Grey County. I’m glad they posted it, seeing that I mentioned the editor in the letter. Hope I still have a monthly column:)

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