Bruce Power Inc. plans to ship 16 decommissioned nuclear steam generators from it’s plant near Kincardine to Owen Sound Harbour.  It will transport them by truck on the road to Owen Sound and then they will sit in the harbour on the ship for an undisclosed period of time.  Then they will be sent by water through the Great Lakes and the St. Lawrence Seaway onto Sweden where they will be recycled.  The nuclear waste will be taken out of the generators and then sent back to Canada.

This has not been done before.  Nuclear waste has not been transported on the Great Lakes and OS harbour has not been used to send off nuclear waste.  OS city council must issue a heavy load permit for this to take place.

CARGOS (Citizens Against Radioactive Generators in Owen Sound) does not want this project to proceed at all.  There was not any public input into the process at all.  Open houses were  held but this did not allow for public discussion or debate.  There will be Public Hearings held at the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission in Ottawa on September 29th.

The following is useful information for anyone interested in this matter.

September 7th/10 at 7 PM the citizen’s group CARGOS (Citizens Against Radioactive Generators in Owen Sound) will be holding a public information meeting at the Royal Canadian Legion in Owen Sound in the North Atlantic Room.

At this meeting we will update residents on Bruce Power’s request to have City Council issue a heavy load permit and access the harbour to transport 16 decommissioned nuclear steam generators to Sweden for recycling.

It is our hope to have City Council deny the permit, block access to the harbour, and appear at the Public Hearings in Ottawa in support of the City of Owen Sound.

September 29th/10 Public Hearings will be held in Ottawa at the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC) regarding the transport of the 26 Nuclear Steam Generators from Bruce Power.   Deadline for submissions to get standing for the hearings is September 13th.

From The Sierra Club….take action NOW!

Bad news….Saugeen Shores backs Bruce Power.

We are going to have Public Hearings!

An editorial that I submitted to Owen Sound Sun Times published August 4/2010.

August 24/2010

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September 7/2010

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The route to Sweden

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March 2011–watchdog-has-meltdown-over-fear-mongering-by-antinuke-groups–watchdog-has-meltdown-over-fear-mongering-by-antinuke-groups









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